December 10th

Dear Members,

The Directors’ Club United Kingdom invite you to help us judge the 2019 UK National Innovation Awards and keep on top of game-changing customer-centric technology innovations.

You can choose to judge one or more of the 2019 award categories below:

Innovations in Automating Customer Support

Innovations in Personalising Customer Interactions

Innovations in Blending Human & Artificial Intelligence

Judging of each category requires 2-hours in the week commencing Monday, March 18th 2019.

Download the Judging Brochure for full information on this opportunity.

There is no cost associated with being a judge.

The award categories are technology focused, but you do not have to be a technology expert!

In fact, our priority is to recruit leaders from the functions or divisions that employ the technologies. Our judges all appreciate technology innovation from an operational or business outcomes perspective.

No travel is required as we use an all-digital platform to execute the entire awards process.

To register as a judge, click the secure (Jotform) link below and fill in the form.

Kind regards,

Jon Snow

Founder & Chairman, Directors’ Club United Kingdom